Go Tell it on the Mountain
curated by Nery Gabriel Lemus and Mar Hollingsworth
with works by Lynn Aldrich, Edgar Arceneaux, Daphne Arthur, Andrea Bowers, Tracy Brown, Carolyn CastaƱo, Robert Colescott, Sam Doyle, Todd Gray, Mark Steven Greenfield, Zeal Harris, Caroline Kent, John K. Lawson, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Kerry James Marshall, Rosalyn Myles, John Outterbridge, Nikki Pressley, Sulton Rogers, Erika Rothenberg, Sanjit Sethi, Herbert Singleton, Nate Young, and Diego Leclery
California African American Museum
Los Angeles, USA
October 4, 2012 - July 19, 2013

Works exhibited:

Highlighted Bible
highlighter on King James Bible
dimensions variable