Make a Show of It!
Zrobili Szkoła Sztuki
Chicago, USA
April 10, 2010

Performance score:

Make a show of it.

(Point. Make it sound like "fuck you!") Sell you! Sell you! Sell you!

Do what makes you uncomfortable AND do what numbs you. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant!

Bark orders!

Kansas counts for nothing.

(Like the Progressive commercial) Discount!

I think I think I think… …think I

1, 2, 3, speak in good order.

Composure, people, oh my god I'm freaking out!

Film yourself, look at yourself a lot.

Contradiction, people, oh, my, god: I'M FREAKING OUT!

Do things only once. Imitate Duchamp.

Be original like that, dude!

Crush and Destroy your:









What you do at home doesn't count.

Pun, pun, pun, pun, pun.

Xavier Jimenez Jason Conny

Never ever ever ever ever ever, not even once

Let the sunshine in

Think about modern technology, carbon vee silicon

It's fucking never fucking ending.

"Dangerous Creatures" starring _________!

Bring your life into extreme control, obscenely. Dot dot dot.

You can do that by throwing out your watch.

Accept the obvious and deny everything or nothing

People understand what you are doing.

(Call someone out) Stop talking!

Uh-oh, this is a copy of something else: lecture plus physical activity

Not a lecture. A dance. Movement and ideas. Deep like that.

Deep like that.

Deep like that.

Make a show of it. Thank you.