The Document
at The Great Poor Farm Experiment III
with works by Guillaume Leblon, Chris Sperandio and Simon Grennan, David Dunlap and Bruce Tapola, Yvette Brackman, Simon Ingram, Duncan MacKenzie and Christian Kuras, Lily Cox-Richard, Keil Borrman, Richard Galling + John Riepenhoff (Milwaukee), Tyson Reeder + Scott Reeder (Chicago), Stephen Perkins (Green Bay), Aliza Nisenbaum (New York), Deirdre O’Dwyer (New York), + Kelly Williams (Nashville) Peter Barrickman, Celeste Verhelst, Perre Kerch, Xav Leplae + friends (Milwaukee), Alexander Herzog (Chicago), Rose DiSalvo (Chicago), Alex Jovanovich (New York) + Nicole Perez (Chicago), Aaron Van Dyke (Minneapolis) + Summer School, and Diego Leclery Edmund Chia, Michelle Grabner, Leeza Meksin, Liz Nielsen, and Diego Leclery
The Poor Farm
Manawa, USA
August 5, 2011 - July 31, 2012

Works exhibited:

The Document
a play for two actors and a country house

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